Positive mind positive life

Whatever you say to yourself today let it be nice. Make an effort to say something nice to yourself every morning and throughout the day. Every morning and throughout the day make an effort to be kind to yourself, through positive self talk. Happy New Year 2019

Personal Time

I feel like haven't written for a while. Been a roller coaster couple of months but I'm getting my mojo back. Today felt like reflecting on finding your own space and time. I find that is so important for your mental health. It could be taking a walk, meditation, yoga or even being on the... Continue Reading →

Compassion….you are not alone

Given the recent sad news on Anthony Bordein and Kate Spade. Today I want to talk about mental health and being sensitive to those around you. You never know what someone is going through so be kind always. Watch out for especially those who seem to be fine always.! Depression and anxiety is all so... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's are a blessing. They sacrifice everyday for our happiness, listen to our mourning about nothing, encourage us, motivate us, are our biggest supporters / cheerleaders and love us no matter what. Happy Mother's Day to all mums and especially my gorgeous mother!

Learning to Switch off

This weekend I consciously made an effort to switch off from daily routine, from work, from have to's, and from what is expected to happen in the day. I purely let go and relaxed. No pressure to get up or clean but just be is what I did and boy do I feel so at... Continue Reading →

Traveling feeds the soul

A vacation in my opinion should involve rest , relaxation, experience and result in mind and body rejuvernation. My last holiday was in Switzerland. I spent most of my time in beautiful scenic Montreaux. There absorbed myself in the spirit of the city, went to the country side, experienced local festivals including markets, shopped like... Continue Reading →

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