Morning routine: First 20 minutes

I truly believe your tempo in the first 20 to 60 minutes of waking up is very important in shaping you day.

Have the discipline to wake up on time, do not snooze your alarm! And off that phone!

Place your feet on the floor and say a silent gratitude prayer, and try not to allow negative thoughts to dwell for even 10 secs in your mind. Allowing thoughts will force you to move away from the present moment and not fully awaken to the blessing of being up.

Stay in the present.

Next have a glass of water to awaken your system, add a slice of lemon or squeeze the lemon juice into your water. Cold or warm lemon water helps awaken your organs and can help boost your metabolism after 8 hours of rest. Adding fruit like lemon is great cause lemon helps add flavour without the use of syrups and is also a source of vitamins if drunk cold. For those of us who struggle to drink plain boring water, play around with different fruit for alternative fruit waters. Prep overnight for more concentrated flavour.

With that happy morning everyone Im off to yoga now. 🙏

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