Matcha Tea my coffee alternative

My morning ritual normally includes Yoga practice/ or HIIT, good breakfast and matcha tea made using the traditional utensils.

I love matcha tea not only for its grassy seaweed flavour but for the health benefits. With matcha you are consuming the whole green tea leaf instead of throwing away the goodness in the bin when used in leaf form. This ground green tea leaf is potent in anti-oxidants and also a good alternative to coffee as energy booster.

I prepare it in the traditional clay bowl and use bamboo utensils. Using these utensils makes it oh so enjoyable. I encourage using the right cup for your green tea, its like drinking champagne in a red wine glass a no no! You wouldnt do that. Invest in a Matcha tea set.

You can get a complete set of matcha tea bowls from T2 or some good Chinese food shops. I love my bowl which was made by a friend from her back garden, the bamboo set is from T2.

Enjoy a shot of green tea each morning as an energy booster , your skin and organs will love it too.

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