Himalayan Salt Lamps

imag377239671100.jpgThe current trend in health and wellness is Salt lamps. Salt crystal lamps are a popular natural ion generator.

They work by releasing negatively charged particles into air and purifying it. By absorbing water molecules with contaminants inside, the lamp cleans up the air, picking up allergens and pollutants. Salt is hygroscopic so this makes sense technically, and evidence exists on benefits of breathing salty air but not sure if its the same effect with a large crystal rock 🙂 In terms of improving mood and reducing stress, my thoughts are if you believe then it will work for you. But I must say the colours from the lamp and the way it lights up does seem to give a sense of warmth and tranquil.

Claimed benefits include the following:

  1. Eliminate smells
  2. Purify indoor air
  3. Reduce stress and depression
  4. Improve mood
  5. Aid in healing process
  6. Improve Sleep

So today taping into my inner hippie, went to the Sydney mind body wellness festival.During festival saw this giant salt crystal and remembered a conversation I had with a colleague on how hard she was looking for one of these light crystals to help balance her mood. Took my time picking the right shape and crystal for myself. It had to capture me. Will have mine in my bedroom to help aid my poor sleep pattern, and perhaps this may cleanse the air and improve my mood resulting in a good sleep and waking up refreshed and ready for the day. I’m excited to try it out and will share deeper thoughts on it in the next coming days. Chat soon lovelies. Stay humble and blessed 🙂


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