Journey to healthy skin

I have skin thats prone to break outs, sensitivity and redness around the nose cheek area. Am still trying to figure out the triggures but all symptoms make me think I have rosacea😖😏. I have used all major brands from phamarcy all the way to health clinic recomendations and still havent found the right combinations to stop the redness or spots.

So this month started my journey to clear skin. Each month I will eliminate what I think could be a cause and introduce what I think could aid.

So this month I will start by doing the following

  • Each night will clean my face with Simple face wipes and apply Estee Lauder Advanced night serum plus moisturise with Crem De Lamer moisturising cream.
  • Every morning wash face with warm water (only use face wash when I wear make up) apply Crem De Lamer renewal oil plus the classic Crem de Lamer moisturiser.
  • Drink at least 2L water a day.
  • Have a glass of home made lemon ginger water in the morning
  • Drink a fresh homemade beet celery, ginger and carrot juice every night before bed.
  • Remove dairy and red meat in my diet.
  • Breakfast to always include cup of healthy leafy greens e.g spinach or Kale.
  • Have a handfull of berries and healthy nuts everyday.
  • Stress less and take up more yoga classes.

Too coward to show what my face looks like at moment. I had an enzyme peel which was not a good idea , the result is total redness and a red rash all over my face.

I will give you an update in a month on my progress.

What you think about you bring about so am going to envision clear skin and believe I have it.

Would love to hear your journey to healthy skin and if u won.

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