Glass of red anyone?!

I mean glass of red beet juice. By now you know my love for beetroot juice is deep.

My juice this week is made with Beetroot and grapefruit as the main ingredients. This recipe is high in antioxidants and vitamins from the beetroot, lemon and grapefruit.

Your skin , kidneys and immune system will love this. Drink it every night before bed, between meals or first thing in the morning for that extra nutritional boost.

These two fav ingredients in my juice recipe create a highly nutritious drink that is a good source of both vitamin A and C. The vitamin C can help fight free radicals and improve skin texture. My skin has been problematic but with the help of a new beauty regimen and drinking beets every other night I have seen drastic improvements with my skin. For the first time in weeks I didnt wear make up to cover redness or spots.

I will share some reviews on beauty products very soon, you name it I have used or tried it.

Back to the red glass of beet, here is my new beauty tonic recipe.

Grapefruit and beet juice

1x grapefruit

1x small organic beetroot

tsp ginger

1/4 small lemon

Pinch of parsley

Enjoy your glass of red!

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