Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I plan to spend mine reflecting on the positive and gains of the year.

NYE is a time to be grateful. We should practice to look back with a positive attitude. Look back at each month of the year from January to December, write down at least 1 good thing that happened. There could have been a challenging time but what did you gain from it? There is always a lesson learnt with every victory or challenge. Write that down. Remember moments that made you so happy or moments that made you appreciate the Universe. Smile at tje thoughts.

Its nice to go reflect with somoone you know amd like. Maybe with a frenr.

Whatever it is urvived , you conqured, what did you get out You are still here , you lived through it so just rejoice in having God and the universe in this moment.

Lets look foward to the new year and start focusing on the adventure ahead.

Welcome what is to come.

I challenge you to 30days of gratitude from today. Meditate every night on 1 thing you are grateful for.

Here is to a prosperous 2018, success in your career, abundance, success in your dreams, good health and most of all a sounf mind body spirit.

Happy New Year.

Read the below. Leave in gratitude and you will receive more.

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