Great tasting non-dairy yoghurt

Last year I removed Dairy from my diet as it wasnt doing favours to my belly and skin. And am also on a journey to being a Vegan. During my Dairy days Greek and Natural unsweetened Yoghurt were my favourite Dairy breakfast accompaniments. I loved the tartness and thick creamy texture of Greek yoghurt. Being off dairy I needed to find non-Dairy replacements and thank goodness to these 2 Australian brands Cocobella and Nakula, I have found not only great tasting but healthy and yummy Coconut based yoghurts woth live cultures. Cocobella are one of the popular supermarket suppliers of coconut water in Australia and now have their branded yoghurt on shelf. If you are after a thick plain yoghurt or Greek Style yoghurt replacement this is a good choice. It is thick, creamy, not sweet, a bit tart, with your typical coconut notes and goes well with your favourite muesli. This is my go to for a Greek yoghurt option. Priced at $6.00 in Woolworths. For a flavoured yoghurt Nakula is hands down my favourite. Nakula makes a very creamy thick yoghurt, it tastes like a dairy based yoghurt but makes you feel oh so good cause its nutritious, clean label and Vegan! I love this product! I was pleasantly suprised cause to be honest hated flavoured dairy based yoghurts because they were sugar laden. A bit pricey at $6.80 but worth it. Need to find the plain option. Have any of you tried these two brands? Let me know what your thoughts are.

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