Stop and Smell the Flowers

You decide what your future is going to be by being totally aligned with the present moment- Eckhart Tolle

Look at this gorgeous bush. The vibrancy and beauty is astounding! Not sure of it’s name but I used to walk past this plant many times and not notice it because I was absorbed in mind chatter. It is so easy to just exist and be absorbed in the stress of work, day to day chores, assignments, bills, relationships, plans etc and miss the beauty of life . We need to learn to be present and not risk missing the beauty in the now.

One can live in the now, but unfortunately so often we allow imagination and memories / Past and future to dominate. We live towards the next moment instead of recognising the present moment.

Be true to life by giving the step u in right now full attention and living or doing life at your best. The best is not yet to come its already here!

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