You First: its okay to be selfish sometimes

You need to learn to take care of you first in order to have the capacity to take care of everyone else.

Its okay to be selfish sometimes.

We spend a lot of time trying to please everyone else and forgetting our own wellbeing. Often wasted time spent worrying what others think instead of what we think, plus going with the crowd instead of going with our own mind and taking our patners opinion instead of ours. What I am most guilty of and am sure many of you are, is sacrificing my feelings and time to please others.

But today I declare you be selfish in a good way. Put you first! Find me time, declare that you will go with what you believe in and not what others think. Speak up in that meeting and walk in conviction. Trust yourself and go with your instinct. Shut off from everyone for even 20 minutes and just ignore the world to rebalance your mind. It is good and healthy for your wellbeing.

I have found my peace and space during meditation and also yoga classes, this is my selfish time. Im lost in my world with focus in the present moment. Find an activity that helps you drift away and helps forget future or past worties , it could be reading walking in nature or even watching your favorite film.

If you are reading this and are a parent, husband or wife it is okay to want a break and spend time alone. Ask a friend or family to babysit so you can go for a 45 minute massage you deserve it. What is 45 minutes in 168 hours! Mental recalibration is important, you can take care of others better when you yourself is mentally tapped in and tuned in with you.

My goal is to learn to decide in certain situations, to say, do or ask myself the following:

1.How do I feel,

2.Will this make me happy,

3. Do I want to do this

4.Im going to say No today,

4.Friends and family I need a small break or space today,

5. No.

6. Will not attend to no emails, phone calls , social media or unnecessary gatherings.

Dont sacrifice your happiness , find me time every week. Its okay.

Dont ask for permission JUST DO!

Lets challenge each other to put ourselve first.

You Today

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