Traveling feeds the soul

A vacation in my opinion should involve rest , relaxation, experience and result in mind and body rejuvernation.

My last holiday was in Switzerland. I spent most of my time in beautiful scenic Montreaux. There absorbed myself in the spirit of the city, went to the country side, experienced local festivals including markets, shopped like a local and also ate and drank like a local .

During my stay my siblings and I took a beautiful walk along the lake in Montreaux Switzerland, blissful place to holiday or leave. Everything about the country reminds you of the wonderful work of God. So serene scenic and peaceful. Imagine yoga or meditation with the Alps and clean blue lake as your backdrop …

I love this country . Its cosmopolitan, yet still maintaining its tradition low key humble and relaxed lifestyle. This ideal for someone coming from busy traffic and human congested country.

The sense of serenity is everywhere ,everywhere you look is beautiful and scenic almost like a piece of art. Beautiful Swiss Alps over the clean pristine blue water lakes. Switzerland is by far my favourite holiday destination. I took the opportunity to bushwalk and experience the clean air with my siblings ,who loved it despite the wrong footwear and attires lol.

I wish most could experience the beauty of life through travel and seeing different cultures, it awakens the soul, mind and allows for conversation with peers. I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and next on my list is Vietnam and Cambodia. My wish is to experience their cultures, and most of all visit the monks. I went to a temple in Thailand but was full of tourists which didnt help.

I am aware most cannot fly overseas or travel, I couldnt 2-3 years ago 😊. And to be honest wondered if I would ever, but I knew I would in time. I focused and meditated on what life I wanted to live and therefore every step I made was towards the life I knew I deserved. Im still on the journey but celebrate my progress always for I know my today is better than yesterday.

Now that I can travel and opened myself to the opportunity, I intend to make the most of it.

You can still experience the beauty of what the lands offer by starting with your home town. Did you know many tourists visit your country? Why not start being a tourist in your home town, experience your city, visit, museums, go on tourist tour buses, etc.

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