Learning to Switch off

This weekend I consciously made an effort to switch off from daily routine, from work, from have to’s, and from what is expected to happen in the day. I purely let go and relaxed. No pressure to get up or clean but just be is what I did and boy do I feel so at peace.

My blog is all about sharing life and I hope most can relate or feel like they are not alone through my topics. Everything I write is organic and to the moment. Today sharing my process of switching off.

Yoga, eating well and sometimes eating whatever I liked without guilt is good. We put ourselves in so much pressure, expectactions that are self inflicted which deprive us of living.

During this long Easter weekend, ordered in, ate Easter eggs, watched lots of Netflix and practiced yoga everyday. So all in all a balanced weekend. As I go back to work I go back with a clear mind and restful.

So what did I learn this weekend? Switching off…This week’s challenge is to manage work and personal life, through separating work from personal life, and not putting myself under pressure of expectations inflicted and non inflicted. If you are living and doing the best you can dont pressurise yourself results will surface.

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  1. Yeah we need a break from this consistent pressure of I have to do this, I have to do that. Result you find you’re always are under constant self imposed pressure to meet deadlines. We need to plan our lives, but at times too we need to just live a few days of unplanned existence. I’m sure you must be feeling fresh as you go back into the routinized life of going to work and back home & starting the whole cycle all over again the following day. I always picture it this way, suppose I was meant to live for 70 years, seeing there are 7 days in the week & I have to work 5 of them leaving me with the weekend of 2 days of rest, thus follows that of the 70 years of my life on earth 50 will be spent at work & a mere 20 in rest & recreation. This should explain why we are so strung up, all the road rage & anxiety you get all over the communities we live in.
    I’m sure you’re feeling fresh as you start again to reduce your 50 towards your weekend where you will further reduce your 20. keeping focused is what it calls for ie don’t waste either the 20 or 70 worrying, anxious, angry or whatever negatives that attempt to wastefully utilise your 70. Live life to the max & as the Landrover slogan goes, ‘One life to live, live it’


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