Activated Charcoal – what are the benefits?

I have been off coffee lately and back to drinking my spicy Bengali Chai with almond milk. But it gets boring so felt like something different today. Was very excited when I went out for my usual Sunday morning coffee and noticed new fancy lattes on the menu list. I have had turmeric latte but charcoal latte, wow that’s different and yes of course bought it. I am weak for things like this.

After coffee decided to do a bit of research on activated Charcoal benefits. This mineral has been around for years but has become popular health trend , it’s no longer just a beauty product but even used as an ingredient in food. Activated charcoal is sometimes used in drug overdose or poisoning. But now you find it in bread , smoothies, hot drinks and as a capsule.

The fine black powder is activated by processing it at high temperatures this  helping change its internal structure and reducing the size of the pores. Because charcoal is not absorbed by the body it can carry the toxins bound to its surface out of the body through feces.

Below are a few facts about activated charcoal.

1. It can help cure your hangover!

– this is due to its cleansing properties, activated charcoal can help remove toxins from liver and bloodstream. However don’t expect it to get rid of the alcohol in your system.

2. Good detoxify

– can bind with toxins and helps flush them out. Please note it is a strong detoxification so can bind to essential nutrients which is not good. So I would not encourage high dosage or regular ingestion. Only 1 drink a day is good enough. Would encourage more consumption of veggies and fruit which are much gentler in the system.

3. Reduces Cholesterol

-studies around the world show that activated charcoal reduces cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. If taking medication please do consult with a doctor first.

4. Anti-ageing.

– it can help prevent cellular damage to kidney liver, as well as helping support healthy adrenal glands. Due to toxic load in our system we accelerate ageing however ingestion of activated charcoal can help flush out these toxins.

5. Can help with bloating

– it may help absorb gas in the body

The benefits are great but with everything moderation and education before use us key. Always go back to your natural food sources like veggies which carry the same benefits above. Though this product is considered safe please use if you are fully conscious of how it works and consult your doctor if you are taking other medication.

By the way the charcoal latte was yummy and will have it once a week.

Healthy living and healthy sustainable choices my friends.


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