What to expect in your first yoga class.

It can be nerve racking to attend your first yoga class, I was honestly anxious and a little nervous. Thoughts of looking silly whilst attempting to practice a pose, worry of being the only beginner in the class and what do I even bring went through my head.

I took my time to find a studio wanted something small, intimate and authentic. Was pleased to find a good local yoga studio with warm people and good instructors.

During my first class the names seemed a foreign language. I didn’t know what warrior 2 pose or downward dog was , oh goodness what does Shavasana mean? And then came the Aoum in the beginning of class, that felt strange but also calming at the same time. I also didn’t expect a full work out and breaking a sweat. During the practice you’ll be amazed at how you will work muscles that you thought never existed. But overall after the first class I felt good and pleased with myself, my spirits were up and I knew wanted to take this up as part of my lifestyle.

So some tips from a beginner on your first day.

1. First you will be okay, no need to be anxious. Yogis are so focused on their pose, they won’t even be worrying about the next person. This will be the most calm and non judgmental environment you will ever be in.

2. Make sure you are hydrated before class and do not have a heavy meal. A banana and coconut water for energy or even a homemade smoothie should help sustain you. I find coming in with a full belly makes me cramp up and feel heavier during my poses.

3. Wear comfortable wear. Cotton tights or pants and a comfy sports shirt will do, no need for shoes or socks.

4. Come in 5 minutes early to secure a spot. You do not want to be that person that walks in when everyone is in their relaxed silent pose.

5. Bring a yoga mat, towel, water and yoga blocks. Most studios provide mats but I prefer using my own well sanitised mat.

6. Do not place yourself at the back of the class or you may not see or hear instructor properly. Don’t be shy move up front.

7. Focus on you during the class and don’t pressure yourself to perfect poses, yoga is a personal journey which connects you to your soul.

8. Yoga requires you to be relaxed and in the moment. Relax and enjoy the class!

Those are my few tips 😊.

Namaste and good luck !

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