Compassion….you are not alone

Given the recent sad news on Anthony Bordein and Kate Spade. Today I want to talk about mental health and being sensitive to those around you.

You never know what someone is going through so be kind always. Watch out for especially those who seem to be fine always.!

Depression and anxiety is all so common in even the most confident looking or in those who appear all put together. It’s something a lot of people suffer in silence and shame. It is not a form of weakness but mental suffering which needs to be acknowledged.

For those feeling alone you are never alone there is always someone to listen and support you. You will be amazed how many people are going through the same struggle. Spend time with loved ones, find someone to confide in, find activities that help release that mental load it could be cooking, walking or even meditation. Put you first and do things that help you value life and see the beauty of life. What is hard today in a few months time you will be in amazement of how you pulled through and realise it was all a small problem.

It all will come to pass and you are loved.

Let’s all be kind to each other and have compassion.


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