Personal Time

I feel like haven’t written for a while. Been a roller coaster couple of months but I’m getting my mojo back.

Today felt like reflecting on finding your own space and time. I find that is so important for your mental health. It could be taking a walk, meditation, yoga or even being on the treadmill. It’s that time for you and your thoughts. That me time. No kids, dogs or hubby just your own space.

Even though I preach about the power of now I still think it’s good to reflect and look back, think about tomorrow and how you want it to shape like (positive vibes only), this includes finding that time to clear and declutter your mind. Talk to yourself, listen to what that guiding spirit/ inner voice is telling you.

On this day I chose my me time at the back of my sisters garden, on my yoga mat, on soft grass surrounded by trees and sounds of urban noise. This was not the best surface to hold or practice a yoga move but just felt like slipping in some time to shut out, was one of those days.

It was good practiced some yoga using my online App for about 30 minutes and spent 10 minutes to reflect and observe my thoughts. Came out feeling energised and mind-clean.

Allow you some me time

There are times when silence is a poem

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