Orange Fennel Salad


2 oranges

1 bulb fennel washed and trimmed

Tblsp parsley

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Salt and pepper


1. Wash and trim fennel then thinly slice

2. Peel and slice oranges

3. Chop parsley

4. Mix all ingredients and drizzle with olive oil and season.

This has become my go to summer salad . I love it with grilled fish or just as an entree.

The fresh contrast of flavours from the sweet orange and liquorice- like flavour of fennel make this all so yummy. Fennel is a Mediterranean plant that is now popular all over the world and can be eaten raw or cooked. People choose fennel for its licorice-like flavor and health benefits. In the olden days and even in our time practitioners use fennel in natural remedies.

Fennel benefits - Dr. Axe

In the ancient world, the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used fennel as part of their ceremonies. It served as a symbol of wellness and pleasure. It has also been valued for its ability to soothe digestive complaints for thousands of years.

With its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-tumor and antispasmodic properties, just to name a few, it’s obvious why fennel has been viewed as a valuable plant for thousands of years

Nutritionally this salad contributes to your daily intake of vitamin C, Potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin A, Zinc, dietary fibre to name a few.

Full nutritional table to follow very soon. For now enjoy the recipe.

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