Great tasting non-dairy yoghurt

Last year I removed Dairy from my diet as it wasnt doing favours to my belly and skin. And am also on a journey to being a Vegan. During my Dairy days Greek and Natural unsweetened Yoghurt were my favourite Dairy breakfast accompaniments. I loved the tartness and thick creamy texture of Greek yoghurt. Being... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I plan to spend mine reflecting on the positive and gains of the year. NYE is a time to be grateful. We should practice to look back with a positive attitude. Look back at each month of the year from January to December, write down at least 1 good thing that... Continue Reading →

Life is Good!

Today woke up feeling woke! Life is so good, life is easy, All good things come to me! Shout it out to the Universe, and believe. By Law of attraction you should only attract that which is good by thinking and feeling good. If you are happy and feel good it will reflect on your... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Hope you have had a good Christmas with friends and family. And for those alone I pray you spent it in gratitude and with a heart full of warmth for we are blessed to be alive and breathing in this beautiful earth of ours. Stay blessed and hopeful.

Glass of red anyone?!

I mean glass of red beet juice. By now you know my love for beetroot juice is deep. My juice this week is made with Beetroot and grapefruit as the main ingredients. This recipe is high in antioxidants and vitamins from the beetroot, lemon and grapefruit. Your skin , kidneys and immune system will love... Continue Reading →

Whats meant to be will be

Leave in the moment and let the universe provide,it always does. I have to remind myself this when I find myself going through anxiety and worry about the future. The thing you are worried about now in a year's time would have come to pass and you will be asking yourself "why was I stressing?"... Continue Reading →

Journey to healthy skin

I have skin thats prone to break outs, sensitivity and redness around the nose cheek area. Am still trying to figure out the triggures but all symptoms make me think I have rosaceašŸ˜–šŸ˜. I have used all major brands from phamarcy all the way to health clinic recomendations and still havent found the right combinations... Continue Reading →

Beet Juice Benefits

        I neverĀ liked beetrootĀ until I moved to Australia, Aussies love their beetroot, I guess explains why most look amazing :). Australia made me love beetroot, I remember the first meal I ate when I arrived in Newcastle, NSW was a burger with beetroot slice. That was strange but at same time tasted... Continue Reading →

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