Great tasting non-dairy yoghurt

Last year I removed Dairy from my diet as it wasnt doing favours to my belly and skin. And am also on a journey to being a Vegan. During my Dairy days Greek and Natural unsweetened Yoghurt were my favourite Dairy breakfast accompaniments. I loved the tartness and thick creamy texture of Greek yoghurt. Being... Continue Reading →

Glass of red anyone?!

I mean glass of red beet juice. By now you know my love for beetroot juice is deep. My juice this week is made with Beetroot and grapefruit as the main ingredients. This recipe is high in antioxidants and vitamins from the beetroot, lemon and grapefruit. Your skin , kidneys and immune system will love... Continue Reading →

Matcha Tea my coffee alternative

My morning ritual normally includes Yoga practice/ or HIIT, good breakfast and matcha tea made using the traditional utensils. I love matcha tea not only for its grassy seaweed flavour but for the health benefits. With matcha you are consuming the whole green tea leaf instead of throwing away the goodness in the bin when... Continue Reading →

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