Traveling feeds the soul

A vacation in my opinion should involve rest , relaxation, experience and result in mind and body rejuvernation. My last holiday was in Switzerland. I spent most of my time in beautiful scenic Montreaux. There absorbed myself in the spirit of the city, went to the country side, experienced local festivals including markets, shopped like... Continue Reading →

Yoga For Mindfulness

Was so good to finally practice yoga this evening after at least a month of poor attendance at my studio. I realised how much I appreciate my practice, it has helped me spiritually and mentaly. In the last couple of weeks of no practice I found myself attach easily to situations, thoughts, problems, etc. Reason... Continue Reading →

My weekend stroll

Nothing like a stroll in nature to clear the mind. Did a 12km walk from Spitbridge to Manly. On the walk there are a few pools and small beach to cool down. I felt some sense of achievement and pride for waking up at 7am for a long stroll. My Aim is to do this... Continue Reading →

What is freedom?

Got this from #lawofattraction. We leave most of our time trying to meet people's expectations and making excuses for our choices even though we believe in them. I believe freedom is when we stop being slaves to society's perception, trying to be in the cool or with the cool but just living according to what... Continue Reading →

Great tasting non-dairy yoghurt

Last year I removed Dairy from my diet as it wasnt doing favours to my belly and skin. And am also on a journey to being a Vegan. During my Dairy days Greek and Natural unsweetened Yoghurt were my favourite Dairy breakfast accompaniments. I loved the tartness and thick creamy texture of Greek yoghurt. Being... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Hope you have had a good Christmas with friends and family. And for those alone I pray you spent it in gratitude and with a heart full of warmth for we are blessed to be alive and breathing in this beautiful earth of ours. Stay blessed and hopeful.

Glass of red anyone?!

I mean glass of red beet juice. By now you know my love for beetroot juice is deep. My juice this week is made with Beetroot and grapefruit as the main ingredients. This recipe is high in antioxidants and vitamins from the beetroot, lemon and grapefruit. Your skin , kidneys and immune system will love... Continue Reading →

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